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New Grand Rapids Art Museum!!

Hey…where have I been? No posts in like a week? Ever since the iPhone came out I can’t do my little ‘OMG check out this new phone that has a keyboard!!’ posts you know? I feel like that really limits me you know? Ha. Long intro…for something we here in Grand Rapids have waited a long time for: The new GRAM, Grand Rapids Art Museum. I’m quite a fan of my little-big-city so seeing something as beautiful as this literally smack in the middle of my downtown is an amazing thing. I’ve been a downtown resident for about 5 years now…and man has the landscape changed. I could have never imagined such a beautiful multi-multi-million dollar structure like this downtown. So awesome. It’s also, FYI, the first LEED certified museum in the world if I’m not mistaken – keeping it real green! As for the art? Not too much is being said about what pieces will be there…but I have heard we acquired a rare Rembrandt print, they already hung a huge, huge Ellsworth Kelly piece, and I assume we’ll have a couple Calder pieces in there as well mixed with who knows what else. It opens September 29th. ***To the writers of the Grand Rapids Press who criticized that Ellsworth Kelly piece for not being ‘art’…that’s the type of attitude that keeps West Michigan tied to the stigma of strictly blue-collar manufacturing work and being stuck in the past. Find something productive to write about or move to another city.