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NeverWet!! Waterproof everything!! Cover yourself in it and jump in a pool!

When we started THE BRILLIANCE!, Ben & I would write posts about things like edamame, Scrabble, and Carmex, for example, then email each other and be like “I don’t know dude…I don’t think people are going to want to read about that…” and then we came to our senses and were like, whatever…who cares. Just write about what you dig and people will dig it too. So when our friend Nicolai tipped us off to this spray you put on anything to completely waterproof it, I was like, I’m posting about that. That is very THE BRILLIANCE. “Very THE BRILLIANCE.” Good tshirt idea. Anyways. I’m like a paragraph in and I haven’t told you what this is about yet. Haha. Ok. OK!! Anyways…this stuff NeverWet is nuts - and honestly you’ve got to watch the video. You spray this (presumably super hazardous chemical??) on anything and it becomes completely resistant to liquids. Not only water though - check the video the dude squeezing chocolate syrup ALL OVER a pair of the whitest Vans ever and the stuff just like, slides right off of it. Mustard too. It’s cool to watch because it’s like one of those science videos you’ll find yourself killing time on YouTube with but it’s actually attainable now for 20 bucks a bottle, not like “Perhaps someday this will be available to consumers” type thing. What I want to know is, what if I put it all over myself and hop in the pool? Do I just get out and I don’t need to dry off?? Hmm. Is this going to kill the towel industry? Are napkin CEOs freaking out?? Honestly when I have kids eventually I’m putting this stuff all over them and their clothes before I go to any restaurant or to a park. You could go like a week without bathing them. That’s a weird thing to say. Anyways - the craziest thing of all this I think is when they show how to open up an iPhone, coat the whole thing inside and out, and it becomes completely waterproof. I wouldn’t do it personally, but it’s pretty amazing that something this powerful is available as a mass market thing. Imagine this for photographers though - lenses, gear, lighting..?? If you could go shoot without having to worry about screwing up all the electronics in your stuff…I don’t know, we geek out about this stuff over here plus its been a stressful week so this was fun to watch and write about. Alright, lemme go buy a can of this and spray it on my TV then throw my TV in a pool just because. Watch this video.