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Netflix: Rome: Engineering an Empire!

I rent documentaries from Netflix often. True story. I’ve taken quite an interest in Rome lately…figured I’d polish up on what I’ve forgotten from high school. While I’m no ‘buff’ on the topic, I thoroughly enjoyed watching “Rome: Engineering an Empire” last Sunday while enjoying a cold Coors Light. It’s pretty much unfathomable that these unbelievable structures were created so long ago, so precisely, so beautifully, and so quickly. I had no idea the Colosseum was built in 8-10 years. Thats just insane! The hospital they’re building up the street from me is going to take 4 years to complete. Now, granted, we don’t use slave labor of any sort, its pretty amazing that without any modern technology or modern tools…or even producing any pollution (!!) that something so massive could be created that quickly…and still be standing today. The stuff they cover in the DVD is pretty amazing…from the rise to the ruin of the Roman empire. I can’t say I find even 50% of what they did as a culture to be acceptable…quite an in-humane group of people…but wow, just amazing what they accomplished. Made me really want to visit Rome. So yeah, if you’re a Netflix user you should throw it on your queue instead of Beowulf. ***Ignore the negative nerd reviews…