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We’re really internet and we’re really back. A website about things Benjamin , Chuck , Virgil , and various friends & guests think are interesting. Little-to-no specific focus, a bit odd, speling errors, and incredibly culturally relevant.


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Needled is a new online news site with a focus on tattoos, their history, the culture, specific artists, and more. This is not for those of you with barbed wire around your arms, or some blotchy thorns swirling around your lower back…This is for people interested in real tattoos, the politics and laws surrounding them, and more. Brought to you by Josh Rubin from the always-intriguing Coolhunting and Melissa DiMattia, this site is definitely one for you to check out on a daily basis. So, Needled, The Superficial, and The Brilliance. And maybe Drudge Report. The only sites you need to check every day. Ok, that’s it for me for about 10 days. I leave in half an hour for vacation to upstate New York. While you’re busy organizing those TPS reports, I’ll be floating on a raft in a very quiet area of Lake Ontario. Awesome.