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Nati Streets…Super Good!

This is hip-hop music right here… Makes that last post I did with Ghostface and all them look really thin. This track is bananas, really, it is. Hi-Tek (and he did that beat!), Talib, Slim Thug, and Snoop all on the same track, and it’s not just them each doing a one-off thing. They are all on this track specifically. Ridiculous. I love it when hip-hop artist do this, you know? Slim and Talib on the same track, so nice. The beat is incredible, Hi-Tek knows whats good of course, and the verses from each are perfect, especially Hi-Tek… Didn’t he say something on Reflection Eternal like, ‘I bet you didn’t know I had flow though!’… Something like this. Slim Thug shines of course, ‘…where you ain’t gotta sign a major deal to be a super star…’ Yessir. Huge shout to as always. Sorry for all the ‘rap posts.’ We’ll get some art student stuff in a minute.