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Nathan Sawaya the Lego Magician!!

Love this…love it. Something tells me about 90% of our readers were heavy into Legos as kids. I think I made reference to it in a post before, but there is something about the ‘savvy-set’ and Legos that go hand in hand. So yeah, Nathan Sawaya who used to be a lawyer decided to quit that gig and build Legos for a living. Yes. Don’t ever tell me you can’t do what you’re passionate about for a living…honestly. He’s got the whole museum thing on lock, doing huge commissions for Fortune 500 companies, one-offs, etc. His work isn’t just novel either – its really pretty intense stuff in some case. In the image I posted this with: the ‘self-made-man’ – you have to love that. I’ll do a follow-up on this post when I get the slightly-larger-than-life Veuve Clicquot that I just commissioned Nathan to do – yeah, that’s going to look CRAZY in my kitchen!