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Nas, Who Killed It?!

The true art of story telling – this is some amazing hip hop music right here. I want more tracks like this!! I’m stilling ‘studying’ some of this lines and concepts in this song – I am honestly just amazed at Nas and how he came from a totally different direction on this…and yes, that really is him rhyming on the track. This is the pure creativity that hip-hop is missing – it’s perfectly weird. I miss ‘weird’ hip hop. Songs like ‘The Sun’ from Ghostface – love that stuff. Anyway, yeah – not a whole lot to say about this song except give it a listen. I actually haven’t listened to the new Nas album yet, but the few songs I’ve heard are pretty amazing. And yeah, to all the rappers out there – start doing more ‘weird’ and concept stuff! ***Sorry, no link. Check the boards…