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My new Ultimate Ears Super.Fi Pro 5’s!

Long name right? So I made this post a while back about wanting a custom pair…while I haven’t pulled the trigger on those quite yet I am fortunate enough to be the new owner of a pair of the Super.Fi Pro 5’s…the dual driver ones. So yeah…they are really, really good, that’s pretty much all that can be said. Very good in the mids and highs. Like you’ll read anywhere else on the net, getting them to properly ‘seal’ is the key to good sound…and once you do its quite buttery. In fact I’m listening to this crazy drum and bass Robocop remix on my iPod right now with them, sounds amazing…shout to Nat from ASF for sending me this track like a year ago. The build on these things is quite incredible as well…I have gone thru too many pairs of the Sony Fontopias, so these are very refreshing in their quality. I love the clear cord as well – cool touch. Another thing – people are always yacking how iTunes tracks are128kbps and you can really tell with a quality system – true indeed, you can hear nuances with these that I hadn’t heard before. Beautiful set of headphones. Oh yeah…be on the look-out for a little Ultimate Ears + INDISTR project here in the next couple months…yeah.