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My favorite pieces of Jeff Koons' work are his interviews.

I'm not sure if I qualify as an "art person"...I buy art, I own originals, etc. But I've never felt that I "get it" as much as my friends who are properly into art...ha, you all know who you are. Jeff Koons' is one of the those polarizing art guys, yeah? Like...he's "easy" to like for the general public. And that tends to get the "real" art people all spun up, etc. I love that...making the gate-keepers uncomfortable is perhaps one of the best reactions an artist can get...for me at least. Do I like his work? Sure...its truly mind-bending in-person. I've even been lucky to be at Gagosian in LA when his stuff was getting delivered setup-up, etc. I was obsessed with the hidden hooks and fasteners in the pieces that were used to hoist them into position. Anyway, sure, his stuff is wild...completely modern in every sense and succinct/consistent. But far and away my favorite work he creates is the interviews he does... I remember watching my first one. His bizarre demeanor that's both super flat but also a combo of maybe how your dentist or optician might talk to you and then like an overly caring parent might explain to you that the family dog died...ha. How he explains his weird and perfect. It's all so odd. I love it. Check this new one I just landed at on Vice. The studio visit with the stencils!?!? Unreal.