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My city, Grand Rapids!

Nope, we’re not from nyc. I love Grand Rapids. I’ve been living in downtown ‘GR’ for roughly 2.5 years…the city is almost hard to describe. Yes, it really is a ‘city.’ We have fresh loft buildings, great night-life, great art scene, unreal new art museum on the way, tons of commerce, progressive people, good diversity, low cost of living, 2 hour drive out of Chicago, an hour and 20 min out of NYC by plane, and we are only 20-30 minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the US…and I’ve been to Maui! I basically wanted to post this because of all the great things that have been going on in our city in terms of cultural growth. The fashion shows as of late have been pretty incredible thanks to Dyce and 11-11 productions…for real, I feel like I want to personally thank them for making things happen here! Those model girls at the last one were perfecto…yessir. Speaking of which…Dyce is throwing a fashion show / gallery event this Friday (14th) at A Pair on Monroe Center starting @ 7 PM. Shout out to all the designers and a big shout out to the crew at Blame Clothing…also HUGE shout out to the whole Premier crew…they are doing big things in the city. Plus the whole real-estate scene downtown…shout to Virgin Soil, doing huge things. Shout to Bar Divani, Thursdays at Drink, Penthouse Scott, AK Rikks, Urban House, European Living, The Chop House, Conduit Studios, Bottega Salon, Nooma, Lumber-Barron’s, Monroe Terrace, Landmark Lofts, People’s Building, Cherry Street Lofts, Yesterdog, Martha’s Vineyard, The Dog Pit, Sundays at Billy’s…All districts: downtown, east-town, the hill, north Monroe, EGR, etc. LONG POST. ***Also…I have a one bedroom loft (800sqft) in the new Union Square building that I will be renting out. Get at me if you’re interested, it’s beautiful.