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My Blackberry + Google Maps + GPS!

Looks like I am a couple days late on this…but yeah, whoa. Very cool. So I got the Blackberry 8800 a month ago I think…downloaded the Google Maps app, was cool – but couldn’t figure out why it didn’t integrate with the GPS built into my Blackberry. I guess they were working on it! I just downloaded it this evening, and my ride from Ada to Downtown GR was a lot more dangerous with me staring at my Blackberry watching it update the map and my location in real time. Yeah, cause my Saab doesn’t have navigation. Google is wild, they give everything away for free – and in this case they knocked out the TeleNav application that hit for $9.99 a month. I actually kind of feel sorry for TeleNav – even if it has a few more features that Google Maps doesn’t – I can’t see a lot of people actually paying roughly $120 a year for it. So that’s my post…off to Bar Divani for the night.