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Music and some other things…

What a dreary weekend here in the Chicago area. Gray and rainy out…just…eh. Anyways, I like doing these random thoughts posts and now I’m going to tell you some music I’ve been listening to and you’re going to read it and agree with everything I say. So - an old favorite that I rediscovered this weekend. The Bad Plus. The album ‘These Are the Vistas’ is one of my favorite all-time albums. Amazing experimental jazz that is great to work to. Let’s see here, what else. Well - I’ve been listening to a nice mix of Aphex Twin, Botch, Brad Mehldau Trio, and Isis - these 4 on a mix CD together is pretty much a perfect thing. I forgot how good Botch was, shoot. So good. I’m still enjoying Slim Thug a lot - he’s making guest appearances all over the place too…Love that laid back attitude. More rappers need to chill like that. When I want to feel like a huge sissy and get my Myspace on, I am usually listening to Matt Pond PA or Sufjan Stevens. And last but certainly not least, I have been listening to The Sea and Cake non-stop. Perfect music to work to and drive to in my opinion. Also, the new Ghostface will be out soon and I’ve got a bunch of tracks from it - keep your eye out because it’s going to be a hot album. I am going to maybe get Chinese food for dinner tonight