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Music and some other stuff!

Hi! No, I’m not dead. I know I haven’t posted in a while either, or been very consistent with it. Ben sends me harassing emails about it too. I’ll get better, I promise. I just spent about a week and a half traveling. I was in Toronto and then New York. Both trips were great. Thanks if you came to see me speak at FITC or my gallery at Magic Pony, or came out to the Triple5Soul store in Brooklyn on Thursday night. ANYWAYS! I’m going to write about music, because I want to. Let’s start with the Crystal Skulls’ new album Outgoing Behavior. What a great album. You can listen to this over and over and not get tired of it, it’s a very smooth album. I got the new Tool album 10,000 Days. It’s Tool, so you know it’s technically incredible…no doubts there. As for the album itself, it doesn’t seem to be as great as past albums, but it is still good without question. Haven’t heard the new Pearl Jam yet, but I listened to a bunch of old Pearl Jam over the weekend and remembered how good they actually are. New Red Hot Chili Peppers single ‘Dani California’ is pretty fresh, and the video is great, so I’ll be checking that album out… No hip-hop in my little write-up today, mostly becase it’s all dried up and stale…that Gnarls Barkley stuff is pretty refreshing actually, Cee-Lo can sing too! Damn! Other than that, I’ve been listening to the best of Bob Dylan non-stop lately…Threw some older stuff on too today…Frodus’ And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea is such a good record…I’d definitely pick that one up if I were you. Then again, I’m not you, and you’re probably listening to Matchbox 20. Wah wah. Anyways, check the link below too for my favorite band when I was in high school. Yes, I’m serious.