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609 small Who approved that?!

Maybe I’ll start doing this on a regular basis. “Who approved that?!” I’ve seen some pretty horrible advertising and design lately, and I thought I’d point some of it out very explicitly. This is not meant to just be hating on these things, but more of a challenge to everyone who reads this to think about it. And if you had a hand in the design, maybe you can email us and try to explain or something. So for this first post…what is up with the new MTV site??? I would compare the experience to that of walking into a Wal-Mart. You never really know where to start, you can’t believe how much stuff they have and that gives you a headache, and everywhere you look are ads and logos. Let me break this down… Where do you start? On the top left? Maybe on the bottom middleish left? Or maybe you just wait to see if it starts doing things on its own? There are, count them, 11 separate ‘feature’ areas of the site, 2 of them are purely advertising. It’s honestly like a chore trying to figure out where you should start. Maybe if you can’t figure it out just use that gigantic search bar up top. There is so much content on this site, your processor’s speed will drop for sure…maybe if they weren’t trying to house 8,002 trillateragigflops of information it would be a little smoother. See, since MTV doesn’t play music on TV anymore, they crammed it all into a few servers for us to look at online. And don’t get me started on the ads. You are forcefed so many ads on this site it’s not even funny. After you click on a link and wait for something to load, before you play a video you get a full commercial, there are ads littered across this site.

But - and there is always a but - this is MTV. What do you expect? The point is information overload, the point is to put so much crap in front of you you just take what they give you, and the point is while maybe this site is totally unusable and In My CPU, Stealin’ my MHZ (who got that…?), who do I think I’m kidding? This is exactly what is supposed to look like, whether I like it or not. Sluggish, over-the-top with filler, and endless, mind-numbing advertising.