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Mr. West’s Glow in the Dark tour!

I’m sure you’ve all read some sort of review on the Glow in the Dark tour…and yeah, no pun, they’ve all been ‘glowing’ right? Besides that one negative review that Kanye called out so well…all the reviews for the show have been super positive. And…....with good reason. The show is simply amazing. I was lucky enough to catch the show with Virgil this last weekend in Chicago which is a trip on its own…hometown crowd, at the house Jordan built…sold out two nights in a row. Thats…a big deal. It wasn’t a concert, it was a PERFORMANCE. It wasn’t hip-hop, it was MUSIC. It wasn’t a stage, it was an EXPERIENCE. A full 90 minutes of it… The thing with Kanye, and I don’t think I have this with any other artist I listen to, is that I remember when I first heard the first version of ‘Thru the Wire’ on like forever ago. That first video he put out…his first interviews, etc. To now, #1 pop star in the world and no one, no one!, worked harder for it…no one gives more back to their fans in terms of good music, performance, etc. The Glow in the Dark tour is a pure reflection of his passion and creativity to simply do great things. Flashing Lights was so perfect. So thank you, Kanye, for the inspiration and a great show. ***Check some pictures on our flickr page…