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Mr. Hudson & The Library!

Ahhh…some new music. Different style, different feel. Virgil put me on to these guys last weekend when he was in town. I’m not sure exactly what ‘style’ of music I would classify this as…its chill, but its not just like acoustic or mood music, etc. It’s actually got some tones of like Madness and The Specials but has absolutely no reference to ska or 2tone at all – just a feel. Maybe its just me cause they are out of the UK – which always has a ‘thicker’ and maybe slightly more introspective style to it…no?! Its different, relaxed, fresh – good. All my trying to explain their style aside, they are just really good music. I’m digging the track ‘Bread & Roses’ and ‘Ask the DJ’. Check it out at the link below on, although I’m sure you can get it on iTunes, just haven’t checked. Its crazy taxed on for some reason…so yeah, check iTunes.