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Movie: Who Killed The Electric Car?

I’m a 2006 hippie. This movie looks fantastic. I guess it’s similar or whatever to the ‘Super-size Me’ in regards to building awareness. But it looks to be a little less sensational than that movie…I mean, come on man…everyone knew a quarter pound hamburger with mad mayonnaise and all sorts of hot oily french fries isn’t good for you. But I honestly think that the majority of the public doesn’t know the whole story about why we drive gasoline consuming cars. And a disclaimer – I understand business, and I’m not one to knock the hustle, but the market needs to correct itself…so don’t look at this (or me) as some big conspiracy type thing. Regardless if it is or not. The issue I have with movies like ‘Super-size Me’ is that Subway is right next to McDonalds…and has been for a minute. But there is no ‘cool-emissions-free-sports-car’ dealership next to the Hummer dealership, you know? Check the trailer for this movie at the link below…I’m honestly pretty excited about it. And overall just really excited to see what America is going to do in the next 5-10 years. Seriously, why can’t I get an electric Audi A4? I can dream, right? Thanks to Nicolai for the heads-up on this.