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Movie music!

This is a slightly random post…and for whatever reason I’ve been doing a lot of music posts lately. In fact, I should get into the music biz, hmm…I just can’t keep a beat though…I’ll figure something out. Anyway, I was talking with Chuck earlier today about this, and I figured it was worth a mention here. I was getting ready for a meeting this morning – and I wanted some new driving music as the client was about a 30 minute drive. I needed something different, something with an elegant or distinguished mood to it – something to make my life feel like a movie, right? A soundtrack. Ocean’s 12 – full of that type of music. For today’s ride I had the track ‘Crepuscolo Sul Mare’ by Piero Umiliani on repeat while I drove way, way to fast to my meeting…love that song, it’s just beautiful. Songs like that, or ‘Girl From Ipanema’, or whatever that one song is from Gold Finger when he is driving in Switzerland…great stuff. I swear, for me at least, it makes everything you do that much more…important feeling. Weird post, THE BRILLIANCE.