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More like, Million Dollar WHOApage!

Yeah… Like, whoa…So I’m sure you’ve heard about this by now - the Million Dollar Homepage thing…it’s by no means new news, but how can I not post about this? Absolutely unbelievable. Long story short, this kid in the UK started this thing where you could buy pixels for $1 a piece and he had a million of them available. At first it seemed so far-fetched that it could never work. What happens within a few weeks? It’s exploding - press about it everywhere. Local, national, and international news covering this kid’s idea. And all he wanted it for was to pay for school. Now he’s rich, bitch, and all it took was a bank account, a website, a little promotion, and a brilliant idea, the latter being what amazes me the most. It’s simple ideas like this that always come out on top. This dude is now loaded and made more money in a few months selling internet real estate than the good majority of people in the world will see in their lifetime. And he didn’t stop there - no way Jose - he is auctioning the last 1,000 pixels on eBay right here. At the time of writing this, the auction is at $145,100 with 216 bids. But that’s not all - this auction doesn’t have a few hours left…it has FIVE DAYS LEFT. That means he is going to make another killing and turn this into the Million Dollar-and-change Homepage…when is the last time you heard ‘and change’ eing referred to 6 figures? Wow. Anyways, I’m impressed as you should be, because you weren’t smart enough to do this first either. So give dude his props and watch how many copycats will follow.