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More deep thoughts…

It’s been a while. I need to do one of these…I’ll just go off on a tangent now.

-Kobe Bryant is officially alright in my book after that 81 point game the other night. But…he hasn’t played me yet…sooo…yeah…
-Kanye West got his Jesus gear on for the cover of the new Rolling Stone. Kanye X Jesus. I don’t really know what to say about this.
-The American version of The Office is likely the greatest TV show ever aired. In my opinion right up there with Seinfeld and Un:CUT on BET…But hey seriously, I can’t get enough. I AM KING OF FORWARDS. It’s how I like to do business. Ha…
-Motorola RAZR’s suck…really, really bad. On my third one already and it will be my last. Keeps breaking and just…I don’t know. Sucks.
-American Idol is too funny…anybody watch tonight and see the chick who got all pissed after they rejected her…in her silver boots and too-shirt white skirt, crazy blonde hair…I mean…wow…that was bad.
-Both me and Ben are traveling a lot this year…As of right now, I have plans to head to New York, Mexico City, Toronto, Barcelona, New Jersey (family), and who knows where else. Maybe someday my Antarctica vacation dream will come true…maybe…
-Last, but certainly not least, on a more personal tip…I got engaged about a week ago. I know Holly wanted me to mention that on here, so…fine. Here you go Holly. Hope you’re happy. Haha…but for real, I’m really excited about it. Great feeling.

Aaaaand that’ll do it!