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Monday randomz!!1

Been trying to write a clever quip about Mondays for like 5 minutes but nothing's working so let's just cut the bullshit and get to the post lol.
↝ First and foremost, you can follow THE BRILLIANCE! on Instagram now. It's this new website we just heard about so we have an account now. We couldn't get the name 'thebrilliance' and we didn't want to do like, theREALbrilliance OFFICIALTheBRILLIANCE or whatever so it's @httpwwwthebrilliancedotcom. Was shocked it was available. We're posting a bunch of 'archive' stuff from the 2005-2014~ era in black/white and everything from 'now' in color. Go enjoy the trip down internet memory lane.
↝ While not fans of Drudge Report's politics, did you know the site had a big influence on the design of this site when we built it originally in 2005? Drudge, Google, and Jakob Nielsen's back then were so different than everything else, so intensely pragmatic and information-first, style (if any) second, and it played right into what we wanted for THE BRILLIANCE. Today it seems everyone refers to this in the zeitgeist as brutalist, which leads me to...
Read our interview on - Thanks to Pascal from for interviewing us about this whole topic. It was a fun interview and you should check it out :)
↝ Everyone is talking about the new Tyler, The Creator album, which is great, but I just want to give some love to the artist who did the cover, Eric White. His work is so good, check it out.
↝ Nike is releasing 20 new colorways of the Air Max 97 between now and the end of the year. That's...a lot... but I do love the 97 and it's fun to dig through everything they have cooking. The gray/white/volt ones are good.
↝ Spotify's 'Discover Weekly' really is my favorite way these days to find new music. Every Monday night or whenever it is that it updates I always look forward to checking it out. Some weeks it's really hit or miss but I find myself +'ing songs to my collection more often than not.
↝ Chicago's restaurant scene is SO good right now...if you're from here you already know, and if you're not, come visit. A few of my favorites right now: Ema, Monteverde, Giant, Honey's, Gather, Bienmesabe, Cafe Marie Jeanne.