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Brill Brill Brill

Monday randoms.

I miss doing these "randoms" posts. • I moved to Chicago this weekend - got a spot in the Gold Coast. Feels weird, feels good, feels new, but also super comfortable. • Instagram is our LinkedIn - I'm quite thankful for it...s/o to all the random people I've met, super fun. • I hardly listen to any music anymore - only podcast and audiobooks - just finished the Elon Musk book, then listened to it again, unreal. • I should probably star listening to more music though. • Finally got into the bitcoin a while back - saw a great quote from my friend Bryce re bitcoin: "If you believe in the importance of decentralized systems, get involved now and stay involved for the long run." • Do people still use RSS readers - feel like I'm the only one? • Will Hedi Slimane go to Chanel - and will kids (me?!) wear Chanel jeans? • Speaking of jeans, those paint splattered APCs Jean Toutiou...I love them, but quite un-APC no? • Pro-tip: buy fresh cut eucalyptus and keep it in your bathroom/near your shower, etc - incredibly refreshing smell in the morning. • This phone charger battery pack thing from Anker is genius. • Whats the whitest white t-shirt you can buy? Need help on that one - nothing over $30. • I have some new Benjamin Edgar products coming out this week - launching at Notre here in Chicago. • I want to design little single-serving fresh veggie, charcuterie, and cheese combo packs in all paper packaging to be sold at Whole Foods. Wish that existed. • Who would have thought T-mobile might end up being the disruptor...looking that way though. • I'm actually a fan of Mondays...its Sundays that are boring to me. • That'll do it - hope everyone is having a good day. :)