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Moncler Puff!

I got put on to this brand a couple years ago while surfing BlueFly. I liked it then, but I’m really feeling it now. Too bad they aren’t all cheap on BlueFly any more. Either way, Moncler is an Italian outwear label that focuses on skiing jackets. They do really incredible ‘puffer’ jackets as we call them. Incredible colors and even better fits. Real slim ‘puffer’ jackets rather than the ones from North Face that I think are too bubbly. I feel like I can’t bend over to tie my shoes with those things on…I might pop. Moncler also has one of the more classic logo’s I have seen in a while…embroider on felt pad. Fresh. THE BRILLIANCE is into Moncler right now. Also…our server has been up and down today. Big shout out to our hosting company on that…uh.