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Missy Elliot the Cookbook!

I can’t say I love the whole album… But, as with all Missy albums, yes all, it has a good amount of straight-up incredible tracks. Click Clack is nuts with, what I’m assuming is a sample of that MJG & 8 Ball track…I love this track, for real. Missy kills it with her flow. The track Pharrell she did is fresh, along with the single Lose Control…very innovative. And of course, the track with Slick Rick!!! I mean…wow. Slick Rick is truly something I miss in the rap world. We need another album from the ruler. Either way, the new Missy album is fresh, as always. I would cop what you like on iTunes, show her some love. Missy is a legend man, straight up, that’s all there is to it. Respect where respect is due.