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Yeah – if they keep the pace they got going now, and stay flexible to what their consumers want…they are going to make a mint themselves. That was kind of cheesy, but seriously…their service is nuts (!) and its growing like crazy. Quick and simple of it all: sign-up with them for free, give them the username and password to your e-banking account stuff with whatever bank you use, they import all your historicals and then grab it every night so you’ve got refreshed information daily. The magic lies in how they present it. I’ve used it myself and the way it breaks out your spending habits and classifies the purchases is almost unreal – I have no idea how the classifying feature works, but its uncanny. After looking at my spending, I am indeed the ‘corner store king’ as I’ve stated in the past. Anyway – I’m not really trying to write a whole post on it when their site explains it much better. With that being said, I co-sign, its fresh. No pun intended. ***Plus the whoel naming and branding thing??, refreshing money management. A mint, where they print money..etc. Brilliant and simple.