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Melting Ice Cream in Chicago!!!

Another hot Thursday afternoon…this week is flying by. Last weekend I got a chance to kick it with Nino and crew as they were in town getting their Transworld Skateboarding Magazine on. It was cool to get a snapshoot into the professional skateboarding lifestyle 2007. Of course hotel room antics, watching videos, and running around different spots. More than that though, it was cool to see how the “work” end of being a skateborder pans out. Just like all other sports in that vein its all about producing while the camera and video is rolling, getting the shots for the magazine is job number 1. Those kids had every dope rail and skate spot in their sights within a 100 mile radius. No joke. Who new the handrail styles vary from coast to coast. It was kinda like big game hunting on 4 wheels. All a cool bunch of down to earth dudes. Check out the blog diary thing of them staying cool in the Chicago heat.