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McLaughlin Anderson Villas!

Get ready to waste an obnoxious amount of time on this site. It’s so unbelievably well put-together. The pictures, the write-ups, the pricing thing, all of it. But besides that… Yo, am I in the wrong business?! These guys just buy beautiful houses in the most exotic settings and rent them for affordable but still very profitable rates. I’m assuming one week’s worth of renting covers the entire monthly business expenses of owning and administration. Blah, blah, blah…they are nuts and all I would do is put the extended version of ‘Big Pimpin’ on repeat, do sloppy flips into the pool wearing a terry-cloth robe with a half full bottle of Moet in my hand. Think I wouldn’t!? Hopefully there would be a big ‘party scene’ happening as well…it would be kind of weird doing all that by yourself. This post had very little information about the actual villas. So? Check the link and waste all sorts of time scrolling through. Did I post this before?