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Maxfields, Merchandising Masters!!!

Yo Yo. What a fresh shop I was clueless about until Lupe hipped me to it, Maxfields in LA. On par with the growing number of select shops in the world what really makes them stand out is their next level jewelery sprinkled throughout the store and their merchandising tactics. I mean, for vintage luxury luggage nuts like me seeing one Hermes nude leather monster size Birkin is cool, but seeing like 4 stacked on top of each other along with 3 hard sided Louis trunks, all in the same shade of nude….I thought that was pretty amazing. All for sale too. Even the taxidermy cheetah off in the corner was for sale and style. Super fresh. They had these Balenciaga high top’s in my size I’d been looking for so that was cool, and the Lanvin selections were on point. Not too snobby & Mary Kate approved, get busy.