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Mark Romanek is better than you.

More than any other artist I can think of at the moment, Mark Romanek has inspired me in a tremendous way. I don’t do film at the moment, but my desire to do it after getting more and more familiar with Romanek is through the roof. The way he works, the way he puts things together, uses light and color…just amazes me. Essentially, one of the reasons I believe he is one of the greatest directors alive is the fact that you could freeze frame any single moment of any video he has ever done and it would make a gorgeous photograph. Anyways, Hillman-Curtis has a new little feature on Romanek, his process, and his work. Integrating interviews with him, clips from his work, and some chill music in the background, it’s definitely worth the few minutes to watch it. While you’re at it, you should also buy his Director’s Label DVD. Just search Mark Romanek on Amazon. Brilliant, really. Anybody have a connection with him and want to tell him he has a big fan who’d like to interview him for The Brilliance?