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Mark Cuban’s blog and the NBA Finals…

Two posts about sports in one week on a site mostly about vacations and cell phones and artists!? NO WAI!!! I followed the NBA finals this year fairly closely. I went into it rooting for the Mavericks because I like Cuban’s enthusiasm and unique approach and think the team is really solid - Stackhouse and Dirk are so good…anyways, this led me to check out Cuban’s blog, which I think is a brilliant one to say the least. Specifically his comments about cursing and his right to do so…I mean, talk about someone being bold and unafraid to speak their mind… “Then someone asked “Is this your worst loss ever” . What the fuck kind of question is that ? Is this for a VH1 special ? “Worst Losses Ever ?” If it was, then maybe it was a decent question. Otherwise, how do you answer that question…” I mean, come on. That is hilarious…and this is coming from a businessman. He owns the team and represents them to the fullest… you have to appreciate that kind of attitude, love him or hate him… I almost want to compare him to Kanye… Sure, it’s a business and he should act professional and all that, but the NBA has been so void of anybody like this, is long overdue, in my opinion. Anyways, the officiating in the Finals was pretty awful…If you’re interested at all, check this write-up to read about it. Congrats to the Heat and everyone in Miami for the big win and all, but there’s another side to it all, you know? Just my thoughts. I wonder how long it will be until I post about sports again…Maybe something about what it was like to grow up as a kid in the Chicago area in the 90’s while the Bulls were kicking everyone’s asses… still inspires me! Be like Mike!!! (Although…I was always a huge Rodman fan and John Paxson was the man…)