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Marc Jacobs skate decks?!

Hmmm… I didn’t know what category to even put this in let alone what I should think of it. I thought the Vans collaboration was cool, a little odd, but I suppose that made it cool. And the old school Vans logo with ‘marc jacobs’ written in it was pretty fresh. But making skateboards? And they come with the grip-tape already on them? Those black trucks look very Kmart. It just feels a bit corny I suppose. At least they aren’t like $200 for a deck, they hit for $50… I can just see some corny dude in all marc jacobs ‘skating around’ on Mercer street looking all Derek Zoolander. Skating is one of things, everyone can buy a skateboard but not everyone can be a skateboarder. Either way, decent art on the boards and it’s cool to see a label like marc jacobs try something like this. Those ‘marc jackass’ store bags are genius too. Undecided.