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Man…video iPod?

I just bought my Nano, come on. At least give me a couple weeks. I know this is probably on tons of forums all over the web. Whatever, Engadget has the latest as always. Looks like the 12th of this month is going to be the drop date for the new video iPod. The photo’s leaked earlier today I believe…most people thought they were fakes or whatever, but then BBC London accidentally posted something on their website like: ‘…Apple is set to unveil a new video iPod at the BBC Television Centre in London on October the 12th…’ Whoops, their bad. I wonder if they’ll get sued? If all of this nerd-hype is true a few things may happen: Videos/DVDs will never be the same, Tivo will probably go out of business (ha), my Nano will be on eBay, Steve Jobs will get even richer, Microsoft will be even saltier, Louis Vuitton will make a dope case for it, etc. Or…the whole thing will flop because no company can have a run of success like this forever. Or can they? Whatever. Check out Engadget for the latest.