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Magic, Vegas, SVSV, Obey Party!! UNITY!

Magic is the big tradeshow in Vegas for all you n00b$ out there. There are tons of parties/after-parties, but this one should be one of the better ones to attend should you decide to go to Magic. BPM, Vapors, Swindle, The Royal, SVSV, and OBEY will be hosting the party at Teatro @ MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Tuesday August 30, 2005 from 10pm-2am. Carlos D of Interpol, Andy Caldwell, Shep Fairey, and Franki Chan will all be DJing. Check the link below for the flyer and print it out if you’re going. It is the VIP invitation. Bring it and show it at the door. If you go, make sure to find Dave touch his beard for good luck.