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Maestro Knows!!

I hope you’re all calling me “late” on this post - mostly because I really hope you’ve all gotten familiar with Mr. Levi Maestro, and his SHOW (not blog!) known as Maestro Knows. I’m actually chilling at my favorite restaurant/bar right now eating some General Tso’s chicken and having a Coors Light - wasting time on twitter, etc. And I wanted to throw up a quick post on what I’ll go ahead and call a new phenomenon in this whole “niche culture” thing we participate in - yeah, I think his show is a bit of a phenomenon. Thing that struck me, first time I watched his show, was how nice he seemed/was. No cool guy attitude. This is so important to me!! Maestro is stoked to simply be doing what he wants to be doing that he can’t be distracted by being “too cool”. His show is a simple yet brilliant almost like point-of-view connection with people he finds super interesting and what they do on a day to day. Think of it as a travel show almost. And his quirky use of twitter to connect with people who dig what he’s up to and build a personality/brand on-line beyond just his show. Its really in the details with what he’s up to. He’s really creating a pretty fantastic brand. Maestro and I actually had a chance to catch up in Chicago not too long ago - so yeah, ha, I got to verify all this in person. He’s a cool dude, doing super cool stuff using the web/his creativity/vision and I’d place my bets that he’s going to be up to some huge things in the near future. I think he’s a great ambassador to “niche culture”. If you haven’t checked out his show yet - please do!! Stay tuned for more.