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Mad cause I am stylin’…from the bottom up!!!

Its to the point now with sneakers that anything that’s not a Jordan Retro or a YSL high top it is super hard to get excited about it. Along comes alife with a diamond in the rough. This is proper recent sneaker evolution in my book. That colorway, those laces….they would go over nice with a fresh pair of jeans. While a lot of companies are following in Creative Recreations footsteps this is what I’d like to see more of. Classical references that are a little more grown up. Two thumbs up in my book. Jeans…Levis 501all white + RIT dye = a smart dude. Grab the purple go to town. Might as well be ahead of the curve. Up top this sweater sweater is a super serious piece. Again classic but progressive in the details. Super soft awesome fit. Random post, but it’s what just crossed my mind.