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MacBook Air…I want it, or??

Alright…MacWorld keynote man. It’s like the Superbowl game or something for internet types like myself. FYI, ‘internet types’ are just a cooler version of nerds. Ha. Anyway, so yeah, I’m super excited this morning to see what Apple will announce…had been following all the rumor sites, etc. I’m hoping for an updated MacBook, like a new Pro since it really, really needs a refresh. But even just a new aluminum clad notebook thats powerful enough to do medium-size Photoshop and Illustrator tasks, something I can code on, then all the music, web, video, entertainment stuff…etc. But…what we got, the Macbook Air, while AMAZINGLY beautiful, is a bit confusing almost. They kind of have the whole consumer computer market wrapped up right now…its the Pros that needed a refresh. So why this basically less-than-even-a-macbook MacBook Air? Sure, its a great travel laptop, super thin, etc…but so is the existing Macbook? And its actually slower?! Weird. Beyond all that…yes, its super amazing, really beautiful and the whole envelope marketing thing is pretty great. But it doesn’t really seem like a timely release. Ehh…maybe I’m just bummed cause I’m itching for a new computer and this one is hard to justify. Ha, its funny, didn’t I write a pretty similar post about the iPhone and not feeling like I could justify it…then I bought it?! Either way…the MacBook Air is a fantastic product. The timing of it’s release just seems a bit odd. ***The new iPhone update is awesome. The movie rental thing is cool - even though I don’t think it will smash Netflix quite yet. Give them some time though.