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M.I.A. & Cassette Playa!!!

Its animated GIF time! Promoters are really embracing this and online flyers are forever changed, gotta love the internet. Anyways…two girls, one awesome movement. Like Benjamin was saying we got the awesome opportunity to check out M.I.A.’s live show. I have seen the million posts on her over years and just wasn’t ready to buy the hype. I can only absorb like 3 internet hyped music acts a year. We’ll I gotta admit, M.I.A. is a no brainer. This is progression. She is really connecting the global dots with her brand of music especially with this KALA album. I mean anyone that’s spent time in 3rd world countries around the globe knows this is how they get down. Polyrhythms, vocally & physically dancing all over the tracks. She deserves an applause and now “hype” sounds like a diss to her real talent. I got a chance to aske her about Cassette Playa cause its really struck a chord design wise with me. Come to find out they are all good friends and they stylistically came up together. With websites much like their sounds and aesthetic, its not for the average person but the real fun and the trendsetters are on the fringes anyway.