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Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”…easy listening!!!

“One of Jay-z boys, now I am skating in your pool, not to be rude, I am just hatin’ on your rules” – Lupe “Gold Watch” Crazy. The Cool is out today. Lupe’s sophomore effort is such important music. In an era ‘singles’ and not ‘albums’ its amazing he was able to make an album with a story. The best stories stick in your mind and replay in different life scenarios. Like watching Crash and riding the train the next day. The Cool is equally a novel as it is an album. The trinity of characters The Cool, The Streets, The Game play out throughout the album painting a moving picture of reality. He sets the concept up here. Its like a secret book on tape for today’s youth. It makes the inside album artwork from Food and Liquor even more eyebrow raising. Real music is too refreshing. His site just launched the in-depth imagery. Check your local itunes store for a copy. Peace and much love to ya.