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Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor!!!

Like yesterday, when I see the black LR3 outside my apartment, I know Lupe is at Sultans Market. I hop in quick to say “What’s up”, congratulate him on his debut album which comes out today. I am like “Man…it’s been a long time coming”….he whispers something back, I can’t hear him and I am like “what’d you say?” hes like, “I lost my voice…” With his doctor in tow he was headed to the hotel with hopes that it will somehow return for a day of press and a free Myspace (i.e. HUGE) show at the Metro tonight. Years in the making and the day you need you voice the most its gone. The album is loud and clear tho. I won’t give tracks like ‘The Cool’ justice by talking about it, the audio and cough, cough movie will speak for itself. Bottom line no one can represent our niche culture in mainstream/hip-hop the way he has and will by connecting the dots connected on the 12 minute long ‘Outro’. Buy it for the blood, sweat and tears he put in the project and because THE BRILLIANCE is amongst that long list of shout outs, look out for us. Notably deserved is Chuck for his visual assitance, oh so fresh. I’ll leave you guys with my favorite moment from the legendary FNF radio shows we produced, sometimes plagued by technical difficulties.