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Lumen Chicago!

If I make a post about a local establishment, I am really into it. Like my AVEC post or Momofuku, pure heavy weights. This time I am posting about a bar so its gotta live up my other recommendations. Lumen is this newer spot in my second favorite neighborhood, the industrial West Loop. You’d think opening a club/bar/whatever is rocket science since so many places get it wrong. You know the whole miserable bouncer or clipboard girl, $20 cover, Ikea furniture. Well Lumen is that spot that feels authentically MOMA-ish inside. Concrete floors and super clean lines everywhere and their focal point…tons of LED lights that do a bunch of crazy effects to the music etc, hence the name. Its no Sustainable Dance Club but is equally as cool. No stress at the door, just pure good fun. I like their whole branding thing too. The best part about their website is the photos and the calendar that links up to djs myspace pages so you know what your getting into.