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Louis Vuitton Jeans Belt 45… Keep it subtle.

I’m not a huge fan of belt buckles. And don’t even get me started with those LED ones. Terrible. But this Louis Vuitton Jeans Belt 45 is quite a specimen. I first saw this belt at the store in SoHo and I was intrigued by how non-LV it was. It doesn’t scream LV as it is seen in today’s world. Some people forget that LV has been doing it strong since the 1800’s and they had some pretty classic design back then. This belt takes it back to the days of grand travel, big steamer trunks and all that is bourgeois. One recommendation… Don’t tuck your shirt into it or behind it to show off. I know you want everybody to see it, but just let it flash a little bit here and there… Price? $415.