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Lord Howe!

It’s actually been a while since I’ve done a proper island write-up…if you can call my writing proper. I became familiar with Lord Howe Island by traveling on a mysteriously enchanted journey…to my local Barnes & Noble to pickup the latest copy of Islands Magazine. Ha…enchanted – I wish I had actually gone to Lord Howe. Anyway though…what struck me about this island is that there really isn’t a ton of information on it both on the net as well as in the mags – and it’s billed to truly be one of the last ‘pure’ paradise islands. And I am quite the sucker for tag-lines like that. It’s got a mix of both lush tropical as well as grasslands – actually quite similar to Maui, just minus all the resorts. It also has the white sand beaches that the south pacific is famous for…kind of a nice combo. But from my little bit of research it’s not terribly populated…in fact there isn’t much at all on Lord Howe except beautiful scenery, great beaches, amazing wildlife – and lots of ‘action’ sports as they call them…mountain biking and surfing, etc. I guess the only negative is how far away Lord Howe is from the States…it’s a ways off the southern coast of Australia. Really long plane ride. Actually, maybe that is a positive – no honeymooners or spring breakers. Check Google for more info. ***And check Google Earth for this…check the airstrip, nuts.