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There a tons of cool stuff out and about. Heres where its at. Justice ‘Stress’ video. Everybody has probably seen it once already. It’s just as cool a second time. Something tells me Paris isn’t super romantic. In my book Justice can do no wrong with painting pictures with their music. Its new I think, it’s an amazing look at how thorough the brand is. Super clean, tons and tons of fresh product. Is there even a brand that comes in a close 2nd for graphic tees? Its almost unfair. So we are getting $600 from the gov’t has some good ideas on how to spend it. While you are over there check out the latest in coolest furniture. Have you see this documentary of Diddy putting together a collection/runway show in one month. Even tho I don’t buy into Sean John there is plenty of inspiration watching this not matter what you do. Half way thru watching this I had to start working, I felt lazy.