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Lil’ Wayne & A Bathing Ape.

I just wanted to post this… Lil’ Wayne has been rocking some Bathing Ape exclusives just as Pharrell did with the red/blue camo hoodies before they were released. It’s funny, 18-24 months ago, Bape and Lil’ Wayne would have never been mentioned in the same sentence. But as of late, it’s been all he is wearing…and not all ridiculously baggy either. I guess I just find this interesting. Obviously Nigo is supplying Weezy with the gear, but why Weezy? Is Nigo just trying to get more hood appeal? Is it just to move product? It’s just funny to see someone like Wayne rocking Milo shirts and BBC gear with big Versace glasses on. Nigo is either a genius or he doesn’t get it. I’m going to go with genius…simply because I don’t have a glass-walled and tweak wood-floored garage at my condo. Continuing to watch Bape & Nigo’s moves.