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Lego’s 50th!!!

Legos. Fond memories abound, the pirate series, which I had on lock, was hands down my favorite. I had the forbidden island, my boy had the ship, we had all the little other boats and little palm tree atolls. I had the full airport and the space shuttle one too. Man, the good old days. Legos are this weird culture phenomenon…something about the creativity they invoke in kids that grew up playing with them. I mean, they were like a barometer for who was smart and who wasn’t…I swear, all the kids who played with Legos are mad successful now. Anyway, they have been around for 50 years, check the time-line they have on their site. So wild. Remember Lego Land in Denmark? Neither do I…what kid in the 80’s got to go to Denmark? I’m going to get an iced out Lego ‘guy’ as a pendant…hmmm.