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Man oh man I am stepping up my jetsetting game up. I have been m.i.a. in Asia for the last week in a half soaking up the experience of being in arguably the most influential city, Tokyo. To top it off the people I am meeting….sheesh 2 days ago we bumped into then had an impromptu meeting with Hiroshi Fujwara, ran into the girl a couple posts down Lindsay Lohan at Wendys and did the last miute backstage sidestep into front row at Beyonce first show of her tour in front of 30,000 people all like it was nothing. The things I am seeing are on one of those 6-8 month information time lags too. You know I am gonna blow it out once these things happen but everyone has to wait. I would hate to ruin some surprises. But seriously this is one of those life changing trips and I suggest everyone blows out their vacation time and remembers how unimportant keeping your daily routine can be…lobby call in 10 mins, gotta get ready…