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Kiplinger’s ‘How to Make a Million’...

I was at Borders last night because, well, I always go to Borders…but also because they finally reopened their new cafe as a Seattle’s Best Coffee, which I might add is very nicely designed and the cafe has very nice chairs and tables. Anyways, I’m looking through my usual stack of magazines, KING, Ebony, Hackers Quarterly, High Times, Pen World, and Kiplingers. Kiplinger’s had a great article on “How to Make a Million.” But it wasn’t about investing in stocks or winning it big in Vegas…actually, the headline for the article says ” You could marry rich, win the lottery, or, like these 12 people, have a goal and a plan for getting there.” I like that. The ‘Get Rich Quick’ thing is not a realistic perspective for 99.9% of people. The realistic perspective would be, like they said, having a plan and carrying out a dream or a vision for something. One of the most fascinating parts of the article is about the guys who started College Humor. 4 college kids with a good idea and now they’re expected to make, get this, $9 MILLION in profit in 2006. That’s unbelievable…very inspiring. Not trying to tell you to start a site that has fart jokes and girls gone wild videos all over it, but really, these guys just had a good idea and made it happen. Someone on linked THE BRILLIANCE one time and said we were a cool blog, but we were “wealth obsessed.” I thought that was kind of funny, kind of cool…but not true - it’s not about being wealth obsessed, it’s about being passionate about success and reaching dreams. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth. I love seeing other people be successful if it’s been done in a way that they wanted, not what others wanted for them. Or someone who brings themselves from nothing to something. That’s what this is about. Anyways, check the article linked below or go buy the magazine. GIVE ME THE GOLD, I WANT THE GOLD.