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Kimpsons / Sgt. Peppers painting!!

KAWS is always at it with something new. This time it’s his spin on The Simpsons (aka Kimpsons…) and The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers album. I put a little comparison together if you want to check this out - Kaws/Beatles/Simpsons side-by-side. First saw a glimpse of this on Peter Sutherland’s site in the ‘Artists’ section, he’s got some photos of this KAWS painting in the works. The finished piece is on LAMJC’s news which is linked below. Anyways, I just think this piece is really refreshing to see. Apparently in a BAPE Cafe somewhere as far as I can tell. I’d love to see some Kimpsons figures made. You know those would sell out crazy fast…like…A Mr. Burns or maybe Kearny?! That would be pretty nice. In other news, I just got a new healthcare plan, have lost a good bit of money playing poker in the last few weeks, played Scrabble tonight and won (as usual, try me), and am currently looking at a picture of a pug that I really want. Great.