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Kilowatts, I got ‘em for cheap!

I’m not even trying to get into like a political / energy resource crisis post. I just have been looking at the more entrepreneurial side of the ‘energy crisis’ as of late. I’m thinking that next boom similar to the dot-com era thing will be small energy start-ups that have both really dumb and really innovative ideas to completely circumvent our traditional ways for getting it. And watch out for companies like VW, Scion, and maybe even Honda to start sponsoring these little companies. It’s really like ‘virgin-territory’ for the entrepreneurial world. Something to think about. So whatever…I want to spot light this company called Sky WindPower Corp. They have the idea of placing huge tethered flying windmills in the jet-stream….35,000 feet up. Kind of an ‘out there’ idea. But their proposal would suggest it’s limitless energy at less than 2 cents a KWh. Again…I’m sure this isn’t the first weird/wild idea we’ll see in the coming years. I just really think its going to be some dude in his garage who is making bio-diesel from McDonalds vegetable oil, or some dude who starts a solar car company with like a $100k loan and it catches an iPod style fever with the public…these are the people who will change how we spend on energy. Okay…this post was kind of long, and a little philosophical maybe. SO!!!?! SO WHAT?!?! U MAD!?