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KAWS bootlegs - beware.

Update - want a little proof? Check this item on eBay - 7331122343. It may still be an active auction if you check it soon after I post this, but give it a day or two and check back, it will be gone. Here is a screenshot of the auction while it was live. These get pulled for a reason.

There have been a few of these KAWS posters popping up on eBay and a few other random sites in the last couple weeks…One of them being the David Sims / Kate Moss photo, the Iggy Pop helmet, and a few others. Who knows how many are actually out there, but please know these are bootlegs. KAWS never actually produced these or granted the rights to have them produced, so watch it. If you try putting one on eBay, it will get taken down, and if you buy one you are getting a fake. Always stick to the official Kawsone site. If you want to see some really hot KAWS stuff that a lot have not seen, head to Seattle and go to Rudy’s Barbershop next to the Ace Hotel on First Ave.